Doyoung Han (韓 道 榮)
Doyoung Han / HANDY / ( +82 - 10 - 8982 - 3854 )
Leader of the graffiti team “420 ML”
Member of the graffiti team “Wontak” (Since 2000)
Graffiti artwork / Design / Graffiti exhibitions / Live painting

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420 ML
432-42, B1
Mangwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea 

+ 2005

05 Samsung Kenox #1 Promotional Event – Korea’s first Magic Art perspective graffiti artwork
06 Featured in the KTF magazine
08 Artwork for the BBOYPARK 2005 (Hip Hop Festival)
08 Graffiti artwork for the Korea Science Festival
09 Participation and coordination in the Coex Color Expo (Wontak)
09 Participation and coordination of Gwangmyeong City’s Lifelong Learning Course
12 420ML graffiti exhibition

+ 2006

04 2nd 420ML graffiti exhibition
05 Promotional graffiti for the MBC drama “Jumong”
06 Participation and coordination of the graffiti exhibition “Passion”
07 Artwork for the main stage of the Pentaport Rock Festival
08 Silkscreen lecture at the Haja Center
09 Participation and live painting for the “Battle of the Year 2006”
09 Live painting for the World Heart Day festival
09 Participation and live painting at the B-BOY PARK
09 360SOUND’s “Wild360Style” Exhibition
10 Live graffiti painting for Club Day
10 Cheonan KTF Vitamin festival
11 Magic Art for KRX IR EXPO

+ 2007

02 Registered as an artist of Seoul ( Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture )
02 Stage artwork for the B-boy performance, B-SHOW
04 Live painting for the NIKE Air Force 1 promotional event
04 3rd 420ML graffiti exhibition
05 BBOYPARK 2007
05 Wontak featured on ArirangTV’s “Korea Now”
06 Graffiti coordination of the R-16 KOREA SPARKLING’s B-boy event
08 Live painting for Haitai’s Korean Classical Music festival (Seoul City Hall Plaza)
09 Coordination and participation of the 2007 Jinju Drama Festival’s Graffiti Festival
10 Graffiti participation in the Daegu public art project “Basin Winds”
12 420ML Character exhibition “Present”, at the Gallerion

+ 2008

01 Wall painting at Hongdae for Converse
04 4th 420ML graffiti exhibition
05 Magic Art for the Digital Contents award ceremony at the KT Art Hall
05 Graffiti coordination for R-16 KOREA SPARKING’s B-boy event
06 Graffiti artwork for the Next Foor festival
06 Coordination and participation for Gangcheon graffiti project
07 NIKE’s Hongdae playground painting
08 Exhibition “UNDERSTAND”, at Hongdae’s Aa Gallery
08 Live painting for the National Foundation Day
11 Live painting for the Korea Drama Festival, custom management and coordination
12 Artwork for Simone Calendar

+ 2009

03 Live painting with public participation at Hongdae for NIKE NSW
03 Painting at Samsung Station for NIKE NSW
04 Magic Art at the Nuclear Energy Research Institute’s 50th Year Memorial
04 Live Painting for the Eulji University festival
05 Miari public art project
05 Busan Bosu-dong shutter artwork, public art project
05 Exhibition “I am from Busan”
07 Kolon “Brentwood,” “Jisung Park Line” symbol design
08 Live painting for the 100th Hongdae Club Day event and selected as one of “100 Artists”
09 Live painting for the opening for Yeoungdeongpo Times Square
09 Tagging artwork for the NIKE Superrunner
09 Coordination and artwork for MTV’s Swatch Playground
11 The 2nd Busan Bosu-dong shutter artwork public art project
12 Exhibition “Christmas Monsters”

+ 2010

01~12 Participation as the Vans art team
04 Wooriaviva promotion event (anamorphic picture)
04 Pepsi Cola’s Trade Center promotion event (anamorphic picture)
05 Exhibition “Finding the Bluebird”
05~09 Featured in ArirangTV’s documentary series “Way Station”
06 2nd Wooriaviva promotion event (anamorphic picture)
07 Participation in the Busan graffiti festival “Hideout”
09 UCC shooting of Hyundae Avante
09 Live painting for Joongrang-gu City Hall free market
09 Artwork for Arirang TV’s “Representing our people – Gyeongju”
10~11 6th 420ML graffiti exhibition (Garden Five)

+ 2011

04 Samsung Nanocity graffiti workshop
05 Graffiti artwork for Samsung Insurance FC’s festival
08 Vans custom painting
09 Samsung Insurance graffiti workshop
12 Void project (Samcheon-dong Hyundae Gallery)
12 Ahyun-dong project

+ 2012

01 Haja Center’s “Play Cities” Workshop
02 Artwork for Noroo Paint’s Pantone Line promotion
02 Vans custom painting
03 “JEEP” Facebook promotion
04 “International Arts Education Week 2012 Korea Events” (Graffiti workshop)
06 Exhibition "Gare a lArt 2012" (Paris)
07 Live painting & Exhibition for “Handmade Korea Fair 2012” (COEX)
10 Live painting & Exhibition & Seminar for
Global Evet China & Korea Creative Graffiti Art Fair (shanghai)

+ 2013

04 Live painting & Exhibition for “Global Business Plaza 2013”(KINTEX)
04 KT&G Sangsang univ Murals volunteer for Dongbok Elementary School (Jeju Island)